Moss is a coastal town and municipality in the county of Østfold, Norway. The town is known for paper mills, as well as metalworks and other factories. Dillingøy is known as a place for alternative non-military civil service. Moss is mentioned since the Renaissance and was the site of the signing of the Convention of Moss in 1814, which solidified the union with Sweden. The headquarters of textile producer Helly-Hansen are located here. The maker of international hotel keycards, Trio Ving, also has their headquarters here.

The first literary reference to the name Mos(s) is from 1390, and by then the town had become a commercial center with craftsmen and mills. By the 1500s the town's port was significant enough to warrant its own customs official. Liquor distilleries became one of the dominant industries, and it wasn't until 1607, after the Reformation, that the town got its own church. On the morning of 14th July 2006, a bolide exploded above the nearby town of Rygge - moments later, several stony meteorites fell over Moss. A number of meteorites were recovered by local residents and visiting meteorite hunters, which after analysis and classification, were found to be a rare type of carbonaceous chondrite.

28 °C

Clouds, few clouds

Wind0.89 m/s
Cloudiness20 %
Temperature (min/max)26/31 °C
Pressure1015 hpa
Humidity39 %
Last update: 25 Jul 2021 @ 17:56

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Map of Moss


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