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Sjøbua Fiskerestaurant in Alesund, More og Romsdal, Norway | Restaurant

Sjøbua FiskeRestaurant is situated in a renovated warehouse used for fish processing. Artefacts and tools from the old warehouse decorate the Restaurant, and emphasize the maritime ambience. Here you can enjoy a delicious sortiment of courses with fish and shellfish, made from fresh raw materials that local fishermen deliver every day. Try tasty meals with for instance monkfish, cod, halibut, catfish and stingray. The fishing boats also deliver fresh crabs and lobsters, that are kept in crab pots outside in Brosundet canal. Inside the Restaurant there are also special tanks where live shellfish and fish are held, so the guest are treated to fresh seafood of the highest quality, and a beautiful view of Brosundet canal from the Restaurants gives a pleasant setting for the meal.

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