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Sauda Fjord Hotel in Sauda, Rogaland, Norway | Hotel

Welcome to the Sauda Fjord Hotel.

Comfort and service in natural surroundings,
in a charming and distinctive Hotel with atmosphere!

The Sauda Fjord Hotel, which was established in 1914, is located deep in the heart of the Ryfylke fjord region of Rogaland. Situated in an idyllic setting on the Sauda fjord -the Hotel is surrounded by towering cliffs and cascading waterfalls.

The Sauda Fjord Hotel offers 24 double rooms and 11 singles.

Sauda Fjord Hotel has course and conference facilities for up to 70 people. There are three group rooms for 16-25 participants, each, as well as a spacious meeting room for a maximum of 60 people.

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