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Antje Buur in Oudeschild, Texel, Netherlands | Self Catering | Cottage

Antje Buur is a fisherman's house and historical building in Oudeschild, Texel, Netherlands dating back to the 17th century now completely rebuilt in the old style and where possible original material from the old building were used. This beautiful Cottage is directly on the Wadden sea dike, and is comfortably, fully equipped for 4 people with a separate kitchen in the old style, a spacious living room with door to the terrace, and bedrooms upstairs. The Antje Buur is equipped with all the modern conveniences and features cable TV, central heating, a microwave, gas cooker, coffee maker, closet space and much more, come for an unforgettable stay and a walk back in time, you won't want to leave, enjoy bike rides around the island, fishing, brewery tours, the museum and more.

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de Ruyterstraat 44,
North Holland
0222 312263
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Self Catering
Historical Building
17th Century
Cable TV
Modern Conveniences
Central Heating

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