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Jay Raj, one of the best Indian Restaurants & takeaways in Luton, offers Indian delicacies that are fritter native with comprehensive aroma and traditional fresh spices. Jayraj Indian Restaurant near LU4 is tempted by an unrivalled range of authentic & imaginative traditional Indian foods. The quality is maintained with an eagle-eyed perspective as we cook food for you with the highest standards by only using the best quality & freshest ingredients. Our approach to healthy cooking is that we try to minimize additives in our dishes. From delightful Starters to Tandoori Dishes, Main Dishes, Biryani – all are available here. The restaurant is sure to make your takeaway experience worthwhile. Our service is ensured through seamless communication and catering to our customers. You can also order Indian Indian Takeaway near LU4 from our order online menu. Enjoy your meal & have a memorable experience with us. For more details about offers and discounts, be sure to visit our website.

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636 Hitchin Road, Stopsley, Luton
United Kingdom
01582 722744
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